Faith in Logic

When we learn about something complicated we need a scientific method, medical diagrams or business terminology as a matrix to hold new concepts. The study of the nature of reality has used the language of philosophy beginning in early times. So, logical calculations and even mathematical logic are used by the intelligent mind to challenge its profound illogical core that prevents them from experiencing reality. The challenge to the intelligent is to root out the illogic and force it to enter into a new dynamic with the outer and inner mind relationships based on valid methods. Because you are not alive in the way you think you are, it is absolute necessity to deny your view.

In Buddhism, there is a cultivated faith in the Buddha and other great beings such as Nagarjuna and Chandrakirti who admired the Buddha and were later admired and studied by other great masters such as Je Tsongkhapa and others. The faith of these masters combined with the faith of your own teacher toward these extraordinary teachers should create in you trust that these earlier guides were skilled in thwarting the intelligent, ordinary, evolved human being away from destruction by error.

Ordinary human evolutionary development has produced certain excellences, and inventors build upon the work that has been done by others previously. For example; people do not reinvent the computer in order to improve it, they build upon the knowledge of others. They learn standards and baseline operations of technology in order to hone their skills. In other words, they have a certain well-placed faith in what is already accomplished by others. So, pressing the start button becomes an unconscious act of faith in what has already been invented and described. In that way, if you are a software or hardware developer you add your faith to your work by using tools already there.

In a way, evolution or ordinary human intellect has always been bound by how things were always done or how advancement was accomplished. There is even an enhancement of pride involved in setting in motion the usual creative pathways that eventually prevent even the most intelligent people from arriving at radical new higher development, whether that is medicine, technology or philosophy. In the process of learning, people rely on logical truisms that must be used to become accepted as an intelligent, successful human being. However, now many of these accepted truisms are already disrespected as thinking inside the box, or thinking inside the envelope. Now creativity demands new tools when ordinary tools to understand do not work, in other words, thinking outside the envelope. So, you already have something in your culture that disrespects usual, ordinary, intelligent strategies for being able to understand.

Now, we can go back and think about the trust that you should develop by observing the Buddhas self- anarchy who blew up his own ordinary mind with the bomb of special analysis that was based outside the envelope. Nagarjuna blew himself up, and Chandrakirti also blew himself up. Je Tsonkhapa blew himself up. I blew myself up. You might say, “Well, if it worked so well for so many people by blowing themselves up, maybe it is a good idea to try it myself”. All of these intelligent people have been able to overcome the defects of their ordinary, evolved intellectual mind and turn away from their certain destruction by the error of common development which infected them like a virus, that would have destroyed them. That is what I mean by the destruction by error. They would have been destroyed had they not been able to overcome ordinary intelligent mind.

The big problem of evolved intellect and the intelligent application of strategies of the evolved intellect toward understanding the nature of reality is that this strategy does not have the slightest possibility of creating the very support and affirmation which it expects from knowledge of reality. It does not because that exact intellectual, evolved position is intimately related to the human realm perceptual support, in other words, the innate view. This is the innate view that you suffer from, so you cannot rely on that which brings you suffering as a support to understand the nature of reality.

Although most philosophy, and most science say that they are objective, lines of inquiry begins with a strong agenda that they are trying to prove. If they cannot prove it, they let it go, and if they can prove it, it becomes filled out with additional data from their own agenda. Do they want to draw you into a perceptual position, such as the great nihilist, Nietzsche, that is hopeless because nothing exists? Is that what they want you to believe? Well, that is not very nice. To bring additional despair into the world would not be a good agenda.

In order to overcome the conditioning that holds us to suffering we need to understand how we are alive so we can become free. The human innate view is a part of a perceptual story bonded to your essence being to help you be alive in this realm. To be continued..


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