The Real You!

I have been thinking strongly of a method to explain the dynamic between the outside person and the way that they really exist. I will elaborate a bit here so that you understand this dynamic and perhaps even put it into practice.

This discussion is not about ultimate reality. This is not about the oneness of all beings. This is not a discussion of whether the ego causes suffering or what realm what deity resides. This is not even a purely buddhist discussion. All ordinary living beings, whether they are atheists, agnostics or members of any religion are, (or behave like they are, for many of them) confused as to how they are actually alive.

Again and again, I say that you are not the actual one that is here. None of you who could arrive here is actually the real living being. You are a a version of the actual living being that exists in another way of being.

When thinking, moving, planning and accomplishing activities , it is by virtue of the actual you, which is interior to your location in the human realm. Since it actually exists on another level of being it is not something that could be discovered in your physical.

So, the actual one that you are is an energy being. You actually exist as an energy being; not American, not Tibetan, not even Italian! In addition, the actual you, the real you, does not speak English, or any known language in this world-system. It has a unique method of communicating and a unique logical system. It communicates via meaning.

Difficulties arise between the actual being and its emanation; that’s you-- for a number of reasons. Communication between the actual you inside and understanding in the outer mental functions can become quite distorted. Mostly, we get it wrong! It is possible for a wrong idea or confusion to arise because the lines of communication are muddied.

There are a number of issues that pollute; understanding becomes muddied by anger or jealousy, muddied by many different attitudes, traumas and of course the innate view of solidity and separateness. But most of all it the natural clarity of the communication has become muddied because the one on the outside thinks they are the ONE who is alive and they POSSESS an inner part of themselves, an inner spirituality that belongs to them. In reality you do not own it – it owns you!

The outer person is the temporary one and the inner one has a longer duration. One of the classic errors of samsara taught in Buddhism is taking that which is temporary to be permanent, the innate view. You are the outer being sitting in the human realm, the outer process of the actual one! We can prove who is the emanation that produces the other by logic. When the inner one leaves at the time of death, what happens to the outer one? It is inanimate meat, without any value at all. However, when the outer one disappears the inner one does not.

This is an introduction to seeing life as inner based. Oh, one more thing- the actual being is not an enlightened being. It only knows what it knows. That is why you are here, to learn something it needs to continue its journey to perfection. It is the actual student who need the actual practice in its meditations. This is the function of initiation, to present the actual being with the inner transformation preparations. This realm is not its home. It needs to go home. It cannot unless it has finished its preparation here. We need long life to make careful preparations because we are the caretakers- not the owners!


  1. Thank you Rinpoche. It is good to have your teaching on Actual Being in writing. It seems I need to hear it over and over and now I can see it over and over. It is also good to practice during the day that the outside one is not the one, to talk to the inner one to make sure it is where it belongs. Nyima (Wisconsin)

    PS I don't know what comment as is or what it does.

  2. This is a teaching I appreciate and find new meaning in each time I hear it!
    I was sharing portions of this teaching with a co-worker the other day and will share this posting with her.
    Thank you!


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