Future Buddha Susvasti is the Wife of a Crabby Man

A husband and wife approached Lord Buddha Shakyamuni as he and his followers rested in a grove. The wife stepped forward bowed low and gently offered the Buddha a small quantity of sweets.
The Buddha looked deeply at her. He was capable of ascertaining her qualities and nature. The highly sophisticated calculation possible at extraordinary levels of awakening combined with the work he performed as a world teacher saw the action that she was performing was something special and pivotal in her process. The Buddha received the sweets from the hands of this devoted woman and stated, “This is good, this is good. As a consequence of this action, you will become Buddha Susvasti in the future."
Now, that’s a pretty big statement, isn’t it? Her husband, surprised, stepped forward to object, “Now now now now now. Hey Buddha,” (laughs) I’m sure he didn’t say, “Hey, Buddha” but I’m going to say that. “Hey, Buddha, it was just a handful of sweets. Isn’t what you’re saying a little extreme?"
The story goes on that Lord Buddha Shakyamuni turned to this man and said, “You cannot even begin to describe which actions will produce which results. Do not think that small actions will not bring grand results in the future."
In that particular moment, that particular woman by deliberate action propelled the ripening of her already extraordinary karma. The consequences of certain previous actions came together into a kind of a nexus, a cluster. The seeming simple activity she performed with her own freewill was produced by myriad preparations and development stages in that life and previous lives. So who stood before the Buddha was a result of preparation up to that point. A prepared individual cannot prevent the fruition of karma, whether that is positive or negative from being experienced.
The meeting and interaction with the Buddha then opened another kind of karmic consequence. And that consequence would lead to that consequence, which would lead to another consequence. The meeting with the Buddha sealed her future as a Buddha herself. In the future, she would become Buddha Susvasti, one of the 1000 buddhas of which Shakyamuni was the fourth. Do not think that small actions will not produce great results


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