Danger,Danger Will Robinson!!

Many people want to re-experience what it felt like to be alive when they were a child. For many, the memory of that effervescent way of looking at life is remembered as feeling really alive. As time and daily stress take their toll, many begin to feel less and less alive. This is too bad because the sense of feeling alive has become mixed with the aging process. These two should not be connected; they are two completely different issues.

However, the problem is that without a stabilized energetic system it is very hard to feel that special alive. As we all know, almost all children produce a tremendous quantity of fresh new energy and as they don't have a very clogged up system so they are able to be light, flexible and open to themselves and the world around them. They perform activities and feel very alive because there's not a whole lot there to be stabilized. As that child gets older, these physical energies that originally were produced as mental energies move and join to the physical/mental energy basis and become denser physical energies. These light and effervescent energies of the child now naturally shift to another kind of need for stabilization, due to the aging process to deal with the now pent up mass of unstabilized energies.

A new phase of need for stabilization of mental energies arriving night and day begins. The stabilization of these mental energies should go no faster than you are able to incorporate them into your being. Do you try? The world encourages us all to think even faster and we throw off unstabilized energies from the thinking process faster than we can stabilize them.

Many Tibetan teachers ask themselves and each other, “What is the problem with Western people? Why aren’t they able to practice the Tibetan system better?” And we all agreed that Western people think too much. A number of Tibetan lamas have even suggested to their Western students, “Don't think so much.” Do they follow that advice? Not at all. They continue at the same pace. And in fact, in the 25-30 years since Tibetan Buddhism first came [to America], I think people think even faster.

Most people today require a fast-paced da-da da-da da-da da, otherwise they don't feel normal. However, what happens is unstabilized mental energies are actually producing other different kinds of unstabilized mental energies which cannot be incorporated either. Ideally, you would gather and literally process your mental energies. Now does anyone even tell you that that’s what you were supposed to be doing? No! So these things have not been discussed with you before – Danger danger, Will Robinson! (laughter) You are about to have smoke come out your robotic…like that.

So anyway, what happens is that speed and lack of training is producing a lot of mental energies and these mental energies are remaining in you, unstabilized. And what does that feel like, my friend? Painful! Scattered! Distracted easily! Hey, this is anti – yoga! So many are fascinated by ati- yoga but this is anti-yoga!!

So, perhaps you haven't processed them yogically into your inner being fast enough to keep up with your mental production. Perhaps you didn't even know you were supposed to be doing this. Perhaps you are among many who are way beyond the point of it happening naturally because you are in a different stage of life. Fewer thoughts and higher quality thoughts are healing balm to quiet the further production of energy. This is only a small bit of the discussion.


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