Buddha Ego

Is there such a thing as a healthy ego? Yes, a healthy ego and the enlightened state could be synonymous. It is what becomes enlightened! You don’t dissolve like a cube of sugar, it’s you that becomes enlightened! You don’t disappear in a puff of smoke, it’s you that becomes enlightened! You will be an enlightened being, you and you and you and you, you all will be enlightened beings! Yes!

Let’s not batter the old ego. Your ego is you, it’s you. Lord Buddha Shakyamuni, he was the one that became enlightened. He was the one who transformed into a Buddha an awakened one; they asked him “Are you an enlightened being?” He place his hand down on the earth and the earth acknowledged him as an enlightened being. It didn’t acknowledge some amorphous entity or the universal energies as being an enlightened being - he was the enlightened being.

Every enlightened being knows this definitively, that they are the one who are enlightened. There have been great beings who have accomplished their full and total enlightenment and walked out of their meditation cave and stated, “I am the enlightened one.” They not say, “I, along with all living beings, who in a certain state, if you configure it this way and you move it this way...” No, “I am the enlightened one. I am an enlightened being.” Like that.

The ego has many different levels. As a repository for dysfunctional attitudes it is a suffering you. When you press those sufferings on others, self- cherishing becomes stronger, the wish to place yourself first, then you will be identified as ego- manic, center of the universe, king of nothing at all!

However, as a meditator it is you in transition to healthier attitudes. As a higher- level practitioner it is you feeling more fluid, perhaps not knowing who you are sometimes. That means you not recognize yourself in new attitudes. Then that stabilizes and you feel like yourself again but in a new and clarity way. But you are still you!

Deeper activity in the advanced inner yogas will awaken, stimulate and develop inner or subtle minds. These inner minds influence your new identity. At some point, if all go perfectly the last obstacle is destroyed and you will awaken. Let’s enlighten all of those levels and let’s let you be that blessing to all levels of living beings, internal and...like that.


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