I Hate Mondays!

A discussion arose quite recently; a friend asked us what was our favorite day of the week. Another dear Buddhist friend responded quickly “I hate Mondays!” We looked at each other and recognized something important had just occurred. Perhaps it sounds illogical from an ordinary point of view but I felt actually frightened. Not just the bursting out but it was apparent that there was depth of his considerable character that was involuntarily involved.

B casually inquired, “Did anything nice ever happen to you on a Monday?”
Enemy of Monday thought, logically impossible that no good thing ever happened on a Monday. “Yes, I agree that some nice things did happen on Mondays.”

I entered the conversation. Yes, I was filled with Buddhist disappointment that my friend felt hate and at the same time a rise in inner energy was perceived as excitement or even feeling as a kind of glee. I was in debate mode. “Ahem, among the nice things that happened, did anyone give you something special on a Mondays such as a birthday gift, or a diamond?”

Enemy of Monday smiled as he remembered unwrapping gifts, fancy paper shredded in the excitement of the moment, bow on top of his head (family tradition) and that darn tape (must be careful of the mind in this mode so only say darn), the box- the box the box is open and it is – it is a- it is a diamond in the form of a wireless mouse! Wow! Ok my friend married on a Monday and what a gift that was to me! His happiness is around here somewhere। My dad gave me my first car, I think that was a Monday -ok old and that cracked engine a year later---hey, mind- the gift was not the cracked engine in it future form. I digress- did my friends hear that funny thinking? Ok so many good things-
E of M looked up at us “Yes, that is true I was given many special gifts on a Monday”

B flamed। “What would the power of your practice do to Monday? It would fulfill you wishes. You already know that as you practice you become more powerful in ability to have your wishes fulfilled. So, as you continue to improve in your inner development, your dislike of Mondays will eventually become fulfilled in some form such as a mental removal or inner antagonism of Mondays. If your inner emerging being could accomplish it, everything, given to you on any Monday will instantly disappear and nothing good will happen on that day. Gifts would become contaminated and need to be disposed of, happy memories could only be enjoyed if separated from Monday- and so forth. It would be an energetic logical impossibility, an obstacle to development and a confusion of energies attempting to align with developed nature. My friend, if you not give up this position, you should give up practicing completely because the more you practice the more you curse yourself. The better you become in clarity practices the easier it will be to authentically damage yourself and others. In fact, my friend you cannot afford to pay the high price of hating Mondays.

E of M: “I accept”


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